Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

The Saldaña Law Group’s litigation department represents individuals, business organizations and institutions as plaintiffs and defendants in business, real estate, construction and other civil litigation matters in Los Angeles. Typical matters have included commercial litigation; corporate, shareholder and partnership disputes; construction claims ranging from foreclosure of mechanic liens; real estate matters, including actions for specific performance, breach of contract, fraud, rescission, negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, accountings and quiet title actions; insurance coverage disputes (including bad faith actions); employee wrongful termination disputes; and actions relating to the recovery of personal and real property. These litigation matters frequently require the firm’s expertise in seeking or opposing pre-judgment relief, such as temporary restraining orders, preliminary injunctions, writs of attachment and the appointment of receivers.

The firm’s litigation philosophy includes realistic counseling of clients prior to the institution of and throughout the litigation process. The litigation process commences with an investigation and evaluation of a client’s claims or defenses, and an analysis of the client’s rights, duties and obligations in order to effectively evaluate the case consistent with the client’s expectations and goals. The process proceeds with filing and/or responding to the complaint, and then conducting the discovery required to properly prepare or defend the case.

Effective counseling affords clients the opportunity to make more informed decisions on whether to litigate or settle disputes; and, if litigated, how to properly prepare the case for trial, and whether to settle during the course of the proceedings in a manner most favorable to the client. Where appropriate, the firm pursues available alternate dispute resolution sources, e.g. alternatives such as the American Arbitration Association, J.A.M.S. and private arbitration and/or mediation. Frequently, even the most aggressively litigated cases can be better and more economically resolved utilizing these sources.

While the Saldaña Law Group civil litigation division believes in resolving disputes through productive negotiations rather than litigation whenever possible, its litigators aggressively pursue its client’s case through trial and post trial proceedings, as appropriate, in efforts to obtain the best possible result for the client.

Civil Litigation – The Saldaña Law Group’s litigation department represents individuals, business entities and institutions as plaintiffs and defendants in the following types of matters:

  • Business and Corporate Disputes
  • Copyright
  • Construction
  • Franchise
  • Insurance Bad Faith
  • Intellectual Property
  • Trademark
  • Trade Secrets
  • Real Estate
  • Unfair Competition
  • Will Contests
  • Mediation/Arbitration